You Deserve the Best – Just Don’t Kill Yourself to Pay For It

You Deserve the Best – Just Don’t Kill Yourself to Pay For It

We all deserve the best. We work hard for our money and deserve the nice things in life. TV shows like “Orange County Housewives”, “Cribs” and attention on the latest gadgets drives our need to keep up with the Jones’s. There’s nothing wrong with wanting gadgets or nice cars, except if you don’t have the money to pay for it.

Being influenced by culture is one of the most common reasons people get heavily into debt. Instead of saving our money and paying in cash, we let current society influence us to buy with a loan or put it on a credit card. It is very hard to save and pay in cash when you’re used to whipping out the plastic. But once you move to cash, you realize the value of money again and how much you were blowing through previously. You may need to start to hang with a different crowd as well, one that doesn’t run through money like water.

At this point you might say you have to keep up a lifestyle, or you make enough that you should have that latest big ticket item. You can’t keep up a lifestyle that you can’t pay for. Eventually those minimum credit card payments or monthly loan payments are going to be too much to pay. Stop watching what others do, because they’re not going to be affected when your latest toys get repossessed.

Also don’t buy items based on current income. You never know what will happen in the future. If you bought that expensive TV on credit, could you keep up monthly payments even after you lost your job? Always have a safety cushion for job loss, unexpected medical expenses, etc. You can’t count on the future or on anyone else, but you can count on yourself. Take care of yourself and make sure you’ll never be stuck without money to pay for the basic necessities such as food and shelter no matter what happens.

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Another pull to spend money is because you deserve nice things. You worked hard, it was a bad day at the office, there’s a sale, and you need to get it now. You don’t have an infinite amount of money coming in a month, so plan for extra spending money for a sale that really is too good to pass up. But remember, you can’t have everything. I suggest buying items that you need, even if it’s an amazing sale. You don’t want to get yourself back in heavy debt.