Working At An Office Cleaning Job

Working At An Office Cleaning Job

Many people make it a very good living at office cleaning. Some work in small offices and some work in large complexes. While either type of cleaning involves various cleaning materials, and equipment, the size of the job makes a big difference.

A small office cleaning job may only involve one person while a large complex will require an entire crew. In either case, having the right equipment and materials is essential for you to do the job if you are planning to go into this kind of work. Not only will you need the usual vacuum cleaner, floor polisher and other heavy equipment, it is essential that the right materials be used on certain surfaces. This means that you must have a knowledge of these products.

In a large complex for example, you might be cleaning a boardroom. The this room you would have a large conference table, chairs, and other furniture. In addition to properly cleaning the table and other surfaces, with the right materials, you would be expected to pick up any trash or other materials to be discarded and be sure the floor is cleaned properly.

When applying for this kind of position you will have to fill out an application, have a background check, a physical examination and, in certain cases, have to be bonded. This is because, as the cleaning person you, or crew, are alone in the building or office, when cleaning, and are being trusted with materials that are often very valuable.

Office cleaning, as a rule, does not involve washing windows, cleaning walls and that sort of thing. That is left to professional people who are usually called in once or twice a year. It does include a thorough cleaning, leaving the office fresh and ready for workers the next morning.

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If you go into the office cleaning business, you will find it very rewarding. The pay is very good and you are allowed to develop your own routine, as long as the job is completed in a satisfactory manner. In large complexes sometimes a crew is hired and supervised by the company, at other times they hire an outside source who brings in their own people. Determining this beforehand, if an outside crew is involved, you would want to put in an application with them rather than the company.