Why Become a Chartered Accountant?

Why Become a Chartered Accountant?

Now the UK economy may not be the most stable of the lot in recent times, but from what we gather – it is in fact, a potential diamond mine for budding chartered accountants. Why? Because the fallout of the Economic Recession in 2008-2009 is still creating ruins from corporate relics in the country. And Leeds accountants (or in other similar smaller and larger cities in the UK as well) can make a killing in these open fields of managing corporate finance & taxes, both of which have taken a severe beating from the Financial Meltdown.

You may argue, however, that larger chartered accountancy firms themselves were more responsible for the economic debacle than the firms and banks themselves. However, the recovery – as well as some of the bold steps taken to re-structure the economy has been taken by chartered accountancy agencies as well.

So, if you are a Leeds accountant, or a professional in that field in London, life should be looking up now! Here are more reasons why –

• The Fear of Being Laid Off: IS Absent! Yes, when all your colleagues are talking about their fears of being benched – you know you can keep you job and demand a pay hike as well! For in this financially dystopian society, they are the most dominant of professionals, especially when recovery has everyone’s plate full.

• Constructive Role in Economic Society: While others lament or contemplate working from home, even a Leeds accountant can take on the reins from providing financial fillip for the society. So, if you had been a youth activist and coveted a constructive role in changing, building and nurturing the society, doing it as a chartered accountant is the best way – especially if keeps your wallet full as well!

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• The Materialistic Part of It: Yes, accounting agencies know how to pay their men – and pay well at that! Even in the midst of an economic downturn, most accountants have never had pay cuts. This has more do with the responsibilities they handle, especially in auditing and taxes – which can make or break the future of the firm itself.

• The Road Ahead: For those jumping onto the footboards of the train of chartered accountancy, the future is bright. Again the economic recession of 08-09 has a lot to do with this. While other jobs may fall off with the advent of technology or because of the absence of it, chartered accountants are here to stay. Especially to provide a buffer against something like the Recession to happen again.

Are you still contemplating studying for an accounting degree? Don’t! Because if you have the wits and the budget to pull it off, you should not be held off by smaller obstacles. For not only does a Leeds accountant get paid in handsome amounts, he can also enjoy respect and clout in any firm he plies his trade in – whether as a full-time employee or as a freelancer!

For when corporate finance management is the need of the hour, nothing else can hold the management’s attention better than the auditors in form!