What Do Your Cleaners Wear?

What Do Your Cleaners Wear?

The first time I was asked this question, I had to pause. It seemed like an odd question at the time. But actually, it was a great question. You see, the person who asked was a bank VP and she had an incident with a former cleaning company. The key word is former.

One night the cleaning company tripped the alarm at 3am. When she and the police showed up, the cleaning crew was there with no shirts on. When the police asked for ID’s, almost all of them didn’t have one. The police didn’t know who was there to clean or who was there to rob the bank.

I answered her question. My cleaners wear collared shirts with a blue apron with our company logo embroidered. She was pleased.

This seems like common sense but I have found that common sense is not very common. Some companies have given the industry a bad name because of reasons like the example above. In reality, there are very good cleaning companies doing very good work and have been for a long time.

I think appearance of employees also indicates what type of work will be done. I tell my team members that we need to be professional at all times in a client’s space regardless if it is 2pm or 2am. That is where people work and spend half of their waking hours (on a good day). The example above is why I decided to start a commercial cleaning company. Everything communicates and everything matters. Until next time.

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