Things You Need to Know Before Hiring a Daily Office Cleaning Service

Things You Need to Know Before Hiring a Daily Office Cleaning Service

While it is important to hire a office cleaning service for your office that you can trust, it is also important for you to spot check that they are fulfilling the tasks they promised to do on a daily basis. By doing these spot checks, you can bring to the attention of the cleaning company any shortcomings before they become a larger problem. The emptying of waste bins is the obvious task that should be done each day but the overall job goes much further than this. Here are some other important parameters to check.

The carpets should be vacuumed daily. This is important because accumulated dirt in carpets can damage their fibers. Consider that one of the ingredients in glass is sand and sand particles can cut the tiny fibers in a carpet as people trample on them. Without vacuuming each day, the carpet will also begin to look dull in well used areas.

Are the hard surface floors being mopped properly? When you walk into your office first thing in the morning, is there a damp, musty smell in the area where the floors were mopped the night before? If there is then more than likely the cleaning personnel mopped the floors with dirty mops and water.

Is the kitchen microwave oven properly maintained? This is an easy appliance to overlook yet it is probably utilised most in an employee kitchen. Let this appliance go for even a day and spilled food will become crusty and difficult to remove.

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It is also critical that the cleaners wipe the kitchen worktops every day. They should be using an antibacterial cleaner and wiping them with clean cloths. If this is not done, employees can become ill after placing food on the worktops and eating it. It is hard to tell if the cleaners followed procedure but one thing to be alert for is the smell of the kitchen surfaces.

The company refrigerator is another germ nest. A common occurrence in any refrigerator is spillage due to leaking containers. Employees typically have a short time for lunch and often ignore the fact their lunch container was leaking while in the refrigerator. Drawers and trays need to be wiped at least once a day as well.

Replacement of hand soap is a must in the toilets. A common problem in any employee environment is the fact that many of them fail to wash their hands after using the toilet. Oftentimes it is due to no fault of their own because the hand soap was not replenished by the cleaners.

All surfaces in the toilets should be wiped and polished. Here again, the way the toilet smells will give you an indication of how well it was cleaned. The floors should be mopped, the bowls scrubbed, and everything polished so as not to leave water spots.

All consumable items should be replaced each day. Usually, these items include toilet tissue and paper towels in the kitchen and toilet. Kitchen paper towels should be plentiful so that employees can wipe up spills when they happen.

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Company dishes must be washed and stored away properly. You don’t want a client to visit your place of business and drink coffee from a cup not washed properly. Inspect cups, glasses, and dishes regularly so as to protect the health of everyone who will be using them.