The Best Way To Fill Your Open Position

Whether your business is expanding or you’re simply replacing an employee it can be tough to try to fill empty shoes. It could be easier if it’s a new position because no bar has been set. Always remember your replacement employee is different than the last, but that doesn’t make them less capable. At some point you will have to accept the surprises that new talent brings. There are ways to make filling a position less stressful, but there are only so many ways to get someone hired. Three ways to hire the right staff include using a staffing agency, promoting from within, and sifting through resumes.

Staffing Agency

Using a staffing agency is good way to hire new employees for an open position. You are making your guidelines and then letting someone else do the leg work to find a proper candidate. The challenge is hoping that the person’s personality is a good fit for your company as well as hoping that they can catch on to your company’s way of doing things. Even as we test new applicants there is a difference between taking an exam and performing when you’re under a certain amount of pressure. If you’re ready to give a new applicant a shot, don’t shy away from a professional staffing Portland or company. You might find a perfect gem of a new hire.

Promoting From Within

Promotions are always exciting for both the promoter and the internal employee. Think of how much money the company has saved by selecting someone who you are sure has the right background, the right attitude, and possible a lower salary curve. Promoting from within allows you to fill positions quickly with people who you believe could be a good fit without taking so much time vetting other applicants. There isn’t really a probation period because they are already working within the company. If things don’t work out after all you could always demote them back to their old position.

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Hiring Off The Street

Sifting through resumes could possibly be the most difficult of the choices. You don’t know the new person who is coming in to interview. You have no idea of their work ethic or if they really have the skills they are promising on the resume. Your best chance at hiring the right candidate based on a resume and reading each one and narrowing it down to the people who fit the closest with what your company needs are. Once you’ve narrowed it down to appropriate candidates, it’s time to meet them and see which personality sounds like the best fit for your company and its culture.


Even though there are easy and hard ways to find the right addition to your company, you will only know in time whether the person you’ve selected is right for the position. The best way to think about this is by considering the previous person that worked the job. At one point, no one knew if they were a good fit, so it all takes time. Ultimately, if a person is trainable, then they can excel at anything in front of them. No matter if you use an agency, promote from within, or hire off the street, aim to hire a hard worker and it will all fall into place.