The Best Business Security Software You Did Not Know You Needed

In today’s business world it is imperative to have an online presence. However, an online presence makes you vulnerable to outside threats. Basic security software will protect you from most of these threats but hackers today are smart. They can get into your system in ways you have never imagined. Threats can sneak in through a backdoor in a staff members smart phone, through various application that your system runs, or through a cleverly masked email. In order to have complete protection you need to be prepared for any cybersecurity threat. Here are some of the best types of security software you were not aware you needed.

Email Security Gateway

A business email security gateway tackles the intrusion of threats through email accounts. Most likely such intrusions occur because staff members are checking and sending emails they should not be accessing on site. These emails are usually subscription based and revolve around sales and marketing. Hackers can secretly put bots, keystroke loggers, malware, and spyware on such emails. A staff member peruses one to see what the new sale is at Penny’s and the threat sneaks into your system. An email security gateway monitors and restricts what emails your staff can access and use while in your specific network. This prevents the intrusion of such threats.

Bot Mitigation

A bot is a digital automaton hacker that is downloaded into your system. It follows a predetermined protocol and scrapes all kinds of sensitive information off your system to send to the person who programmed it. This information can be pulled off emails, company servers, and any other systems that hold sensitive information. A bot can do things as simple as screen shot staff computers every five minutes, to completely copy every email sent from a specific user and send said copy to its source. Bot mitigation software locate, identify, and neutralize such threats so that your sensitive information is protected.

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Encryption Software

Encryption software is designed to protect sensitive data by making it unreadable. It is an extra layer of security that protects company data even if it is intercepted. Essentially, when data is sent from one source to another it is encrypted into an unreadable form. If a threat intercepts the data or makes a copy they cannot read it. Staff members can, however, because your network computers have the ability to decrypt the information. So if you are sending an email for instance the content will be encrypted on your end and decrypted on the other end. If there is a threat somewhere in the middle they will only get useless garbled nonsense.

Log Management Software

Log management software deals with the internal management of your computer system. As any system runs it creates, processes, analyzes, and discards data. Logs are like the computers inner monologue as it narrates it day-to-day activities and communicates with other systems. Logs can contain much sensitive information that hackers can access easily as most logs are discarded. Log management software audits this information and protects it. It allows any sensitive information to be kept away from threats, and can analyze the system to find threats.