Specialty Moving Boxes – When Is It Worth It To Buy Them?

Specialty Moving Boxes – When Is It Worth It To Buy Them?

No matter how well organized and efficient a plan is, it costs money to move. The key is to make it cost as little as possible but still be a successful, orderly move where nothing is lost or broken. For some special items, it is worth it to buy moving boxes specifically suited to keep them safe. The little bit of extra money spent on specialty boxes will be well worth the time saved and keeping valuable items secure from breaking in transit.

One of the first concerns about moving is making sure valuable items do not break. Whether it is fine china or crystal, dishes are definitely items that merit buying special moving boxes with a good fit. Some dish boxes have cardboard dividers so each piece is padded by corrugated cardboard. There are also strong dish boxes with reinforced protective sides so if something falls on the dish box it will not damage what is inside. When packing dishes, it is worth getting the extra packing material such as bubble wrap and newsprint to pad the fragile items.

Computers also require special care in moving. Some people save the original boxes from the computer, which is a great way to move them. If those free moving boxes are not available, moving companies have boxes that fit the computer and the packing material well. The computer should just fit in the box with a little room all around it. It should not be jammed into the box, nor should it require a lot of packing material to fill the box. Computers should not jostle during the trip.

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Flat screen TVs have changed how to pack TVs. Flat screens need to be treated like fragile (but heavy) art and packed in special protective frame boxes. Keeping the large screen protected is the biggest concern so flat screen boxes have reinforced protective sides. Paying for a box with these features is well worth keeping this expensive item safe.

A specialty moving box well worth its price is the wardrobe box. They have a hanger bar inside so closet contents are moved from closet to box to closet without ever removing the hanger. This saves so much time in folding, re-hanging and washing or ironing to get wrinkles out. This will make it very easy to get the room organized when moving into a new house.

Some specialty moving boxes are worth spending the extra money. To protect valuables and save time, paying a little extra is well worth the investment. Most people only move once or twice in their lives as adults. That being the case, many of them are doing it without much experience. Do not make beginner mistakes. Take the time to learn how to pack and what boxes to use and it will go much smoother.