Repurpose Those Cardboard Boxes

Repurpose Those Cardboard Boxes

If you’ve ever moved house you know that long after the truck leaves, your friends go home, and the bedroom furniture is set up, the task of unpacking still remains. Once you’re done, perhaps days or weeks later, you have a small mountain of boxes that need a home. So what do you do?

Try repurposing some of them. The fewer you have to discard, the better. For example, cardboard boxes are ideal for storing seasonal clothing under a bed. If you have a wardrobe box or two, dividing the front panel of the box with a single cut creates a mini closet with two doors. You can hang your heavy winter coats, or rarely used formal wear, and place the boxes in the loft where they are out of the way.

Another great idea, especially for younger people just getting into their first apartment, is to repurpose a few cardboard boxes as shelving. Though it’s not a permanent solution, until you can afford shelving you can stack a few boxes on their sides to create makeshift shelves. A few strips of packing tape will keep it all together while adding some rigidity.

If you’re the type of person who likes to work on your own car rather than take it to the repair shop, cardboard boxes are indispensable in your garage. A flattened box can be placed on the floor as a barrier between you and the concrete. You’ll be surprised how much more comfortable it is to lay on cardboard as opposed to being directly on the floor. Cardboard also goes a long way in soaking up oil and other automotive fluids.

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There are many other things you can do; the point is, you don’t have to discard all of your used cardboard boxes. Repurpose some of them instead