Personal Wealth Building – Taking the Road Less Traveled

Personal Wealth Building – Taking the Road Less Traveled

Personal wealth building success starts and ends with taking the road less traveled. You might have heard the words of the poet Robert Frost who wrote: “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I….I took the road which was less traveled by, and that has made all of the difference.” In regard to personal wealth building, this simple statement speaks volumes. Just think about how many people are broke, frustrated and trying to win the ‘s most people.

If you want different results, there are two things you must do that most people just aren’t willing to do.

Unpopular Personal Wealth Building Principle #1: Training Your Mind

Ask someone to invest money to get what they want, and most people are willing. Ask someone to do a little hard work to get what they want, and most people are willing to do that to. Ask someone to think and to use their creative imagination to develop a plan for getting what they want, and most of us shut down. Billions of people search the internet for canned solutions for losing weight, for improving their relationships and for wealth few people are willing to apply their mind.

This is the way that the majority operates, so if you’re willing to commit your creative imagination and your critical thinking, that’s the first step to getting out of the broke majority.

Unpopular Personal Wealth Building Principle #2: Delayed Gratification

All of us want instant gratification, it’s in our nature. However, it’s those who train themselves to delay pleasure and gratification that end up getting everyone else looks at them with envy, talking about how lucky they are. Wealth building has nothing to do with luck, it’s all about consistently applying simple strategies such as: monitoring your spending, spending only for value, investing in yourself before paying your expenses and saying no to marketing gimmicks.

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Learn to delay gratification and you’ll be light years ahead of the majority in your quest for financial freedom.

Unpopular Personal Wealth Building Principle #3: Promoting and Selling

Ask most people why they want more wealth and they’ll give you a long list of things that they’d love to buy. On the other hand, ask anyone who already has a lot of personal wealth about how they got there and they’ll tell you about what they promoted or sold to get there. Maybe they promoted their services to an employer or to their customer base or they convinced someone to invest in their company. The bottom line is that most people hate to sell, they hate sales people and they hate the idea that someone is “trying to sell them something.” These are the same people who love to buy things and want financial freedom so that they can buy things.

If you want to succeed at personal wealth building, the first step is to get out of this majority and to fall in love with selling and promoting. Do this, and it’s only a matter of time before people realize the value of what you’re doing, your customers, your employer, an investor. So if you really want financial freedom, make these three uncommon habits a habit in your quest for personal wealth building.

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