Personal Wealth Building and Self-Control – The Active Ingredient

Personal Wealth Building and Self-Control – The Active Ingredient

Personal wealth building is only about 10% knowledge; the other 90% is application of the proper habits to achieve success. Financial freedom, as you know, doesn’t come as a result of simply having more money. Instead, it comes as a result of personal finance management principles that you consistently apply with self-control and commitment.

This article will provide you with a simple strategy for developing self-control staying committed to your wealth building.

Self-Control is a Function of the Body, Then the Mind

Practicing self-control in your personal wealth building and personal financial management isn’t just about “mind over matter.” Self-control requires mental energy, which requires physical energy. The coach Vince Lombardi said: “Fatigue makes cowards of us all.” This is true! Just think about how hard it is for you to focus when you’re tired. So if you hope to build greater self-control and achieving financial freedom, you have to increase your physical energy level.

Your level of physical has a direct impact on your capacity for wealth building and the achievement of financial freedom, not an indirect one. Remember also that the leading cause of personal bankruptcy is medical bills, so the day to start your fitness and healthy eating program is yesterday.

A Secret of Personal Wealth Building: Guided Meditation

I’m not someone who believes that you can think about achieving personal financial freedom and get there that way. However, since self-control is a function of both the mind and the body, why not spend some time exercising the mind and preparing it for success? Guided meditation and focus on your financial goals will bring your subconscious and your conscious mind into alignment and help you to stay emotionally committed to your goals.

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Set aside 15 minutes every day for guided meditation, focus on the wealth building goals you want to accomplish in the next 30 to 90 days and see just how much more focus and self-control you gain.

Where’s Your Written Plan for Personal Wealth Building?

The final secret to building your self-control and staying committed is having a clear and written plan which you see every day. What you focus on determines your emotional state and the pre-dominating thoughts in your consciousness, that’s why you need a written plan for achieving your goals. If you don’t yet have this plan, set aside the time right now to create it and get it MUST have this to achieve financial freedom.

Get started now.