Office Cleaning – Finding the Right Service

Office Cleaning – Finding the Right Service

Finding the right service provider for your business’s office cleaning needs often presents a challenge. If you are going to invest your hard-earned money in paying someone else to clean your space, you want to know that it will be done well, that the service provider will come on time, and that you will be able to open your doors in the morning to welcome clients to a clean, fresh environment. As you shop around for the right service provider, keep these guidelines in mind.

Learn About Equipment

As you interview office cleaning providers, find out about the type of equipment they use. For instance, do they have large-scale floor cleaning machines that allow them to clean your floors well in a fraction of the time it would take with a traditional mop or vacuum? Do they have buffers to take scuff marks out of tile and shampoo machines to remove stains from carpeting? The most professional companies will have excellent equipment that is in good working order.

Bathroom Services

Some of the most germ-filled areas of your building will be its restrooms. Even if they are only for employees, the nature of the room attracts germs and grime. Get details about the bathroom services offered by the company you are considering. Ask about the steps the company takes to prevent cross contamination of both germs and chemicals while they clean the restroom. Also, find out about the services offered to neutralize odors in the restroom. A clean-smelling restroom shows your customers that you care about their health while emphasizing to your employees that you want to create a safe, comfortable work environment for them. Remember, eliminating odors is not the same as covering them up. Hiring an office cleaning service that uses odor-fighting materials could potentially extend to employee morale: a clean-smelling office is a much more welcoming work environment than a foul-smelling one.

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Consider Going Green

Hiring an office cleaning company that uses “green” materials and chemicals is one of the easiest ways to help your company “go green.” Reusable microfiber cloths and mop heads, for instance, cut down on the amount of waste created when your work space is cleaned, while providing excellent, if not superior, results.

Not only do green services limit the amount of waste created when your building is cleaned, but it also promotes better indoor air quality. Your customers and employees will not have to breathe in harmful chemicals and toxins just by entering your building. If you are interested in this type of benefit, seek out cleaners who offer green methods, and ask specifically about how these services compare to more traditional methods.


Does the office cleaning company offer any type of guarantee that its service providers will be on time? Do they provide a satisfaction guarantee? Companies who stand behind their work are the ones you want to partner with, because you know that you will get a quality product. These are the types of questions to ask to help you narrow down your search as you seek out the most professional provider to keep your work space clean, healthy, and presentable.