Office Cleaning Business Plan Template

Office Cleaning Business Plan Template

Many entrepreneurs starting an office cleaning businesses may feel that a business plan is a waste of time. It certainly is a time consuming process to put one together. However, even if you don’t require a business plan to present to investors or to the bank it will still be a useful document for you as the business owner to set out your research findings, set goals, have a clear idea of where you want to go with your business and measure your progress.

Essentially, a plan gives you one central place to compile all of your information and write out the answers to your questions and problems as you slowly solve them. You will also be able to set contingency plans in the case that things don’t turn out as well as expected.

Let’s take a look at some of the elements of a great office cleaning business plan. Below is a basic template that you can follow as you put your plan together.

Executive Summary

In this introductory section of your plan you should set out a broad summary on what your business is all about. Summarize the other sections of the plan and set out an introduction that entices readers into reading the full report.

Introduce the owners or partners, give the reader some background information on the local commercial cleaning industry and set a date for the company to commence business.

Mission Statement

Write up a short statement that tells the reader what kind of company you strive to be. Put financial matters aside for a minute and set out some company values and a business philosophy. Think about customer perceptions and the market reputation that you want to have.

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Goals and Objectives

It is important to have a section of your business plan that sets out the goals and objectives that you have for the business in the short term and medium term. Set out a timeline for growth in terms of client numbers, employees, profit and possibly even franchising.

Startup Summary

In this part of your office cleaning business plan it is important to accurately list all of the startup costs associated with your proposal. In this section you should also include details of where the required capital will come from.

Ownership Structure

Propose a legal structure for the new business (sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation) and list all of the people who have an ownership stake in the business and their respective interests.

Products and Services

Clearly state the products and services that your proposed cleaning business will offer to clients. Include some specific details on your cleaning methods and any special equipment that you intend to use.

Market Analysis

This is a suitable part of the report to compile any market research that you may have done. Analyze some opportunities within the local cleaning business market, understand local demographics and identify niches that you feel you have a competitive advantage in or that you feel are under served in your area. Identify your local competitors and set out a strategy for making your cleaning business unique from theirs.

Office Cleaning Marketing Plan

Your marketing strategy should include details on everything from branding and pricing through to advertising and other marketing methods. In this section you should also outline the plan for your office cleaning business website.

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Management Structure

It is important to set a clear management structure so that there is no confusion between partners and investors as to who is making strategic and day to day decisions.

Financial Analysis

Estimate operating revenues and costs and set them out in spreadsheets over a hypothetical two to three year period. Profits and losses can then be projected based on these estimates and you can offer several scenarios in case revenues or costs are higher or lower than expected.

While not essential for a small office cleaning service, a business plan nevertheless can be very useful in helping the owner get organized. It will also ensure that they stay focused and are able to grow in the way that they originally intended to without getting side tracked or losing momentum.