New Opportunity to Expand Our Business

When my business was going good on the East Coast I decided that I would like to propose an adjustment to the way we do things with clients, and I took on an opportunity to open up our doors to people in another city. It was challenging at first, but I’ve always excelled at new challenges when I have a team to help me with the hard parts of it all. I know I can rely on my team to adjust to our new city eventually because they are people who have lived around the country. It helps to have great support within your business when you decide to expand.

It took nearly a decade to feel this confident in our market on the East Coast. Many of our clients grew over the years, so we ended up having more work orders to fulfill when they started picking up more business. Their good business was good business for us, so we started advertising across the country to see if any businesses in other major cities need our services. We had several leads over the last few years that landed some big accounts I would have never dreamed were out there. We were lucky, but we were also smart about how much work we could take on with our team.

Our clients like us because we never hire outside companies to do work that we know we can handle on our own, and we can out-compete other companies that do what we do when it comes to our pricing models. We give a great value for the amount of money we charge our clients, so it was hard to justify sending team members across the country to other cities all the time. We decided that opening up another headquarters would help us grow. Now we are able to better service all the clients in the middle of the country.

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It was easy to pick up our offices and spread out between the cities. We kept a team in the city where we started, but we moved them to a smaller office space. Our new team relied on different movers Rockford Il to help ease the transition to the middle of the country. We’re able to pick up new clients without having to take an expensive jet flight to a new city, and we’re able to conduct meetings in two large cities in the United States at the same time.

If our business keeps growing like it has been, I could see us expanding to the West Coast within the next few years. It’s likely that we’ll start sending team members to investigate what types of commercial real estate is available for our acquisitions. Having another location would open our business to an entirely new industry. We can push ourselves to achieve great things, and this is all possible because we work together as a team. Even if we are located in different cities we always keep focused on working on projects together.