Moving Season – How to Find Cheap Moving Boxes and Moving Labor

Moving Season – How to Find Cheap Moving Boxes and Moving Labor

As a licensed real estate agent, I look forward to the spring and summer months. This is the time of year that most people make their new home purchases, and that means I get really busy. Plus, I make the bulk of my money during these times. This also means moving season for millions of people. I like to give my clients comprehensive services, which includes a guide to finding whole shipping boxes, affordable moving labor, and a guide to finding cheap, but reliable, moving companies if they do not want to do all of the heavy lifting.

I want to focus on finding shipping boxes because it’s the one thing all of us need. I really focus on finding a source of wholesale shipping boxes since they are much cheaper than purchasing them from a self moving company like Uhaul. They are cheaper because wholesalers overbuy boxes and really have no desire to keep extra box inventory in their space, so they look to get rid of them very quickly. But they aren’t the only place to find affordable moving boxes. If you visit your local grocery store and speak with the store manager you’ll be able to get some reliable boxes for FREE.

Your first stop is your warehouse district. This is usually located in the industrial section of your downtown area. You’ll find companies like furniture shippers, ice companies, and you’ll see big rigs everywhere. Most of the boxes may be a little too damaged for you to use, but you will find a couple (20 or so) that will be perfect for your move. These boxes would usually get thrown away with the rest of the access boxes and used boxes, so you’re actually helping the environment on top of saving money.

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Your next stop is the mall. Hit up every single retailer first thing in the morning. Each store usually receives two large shipments of new products every week, and end up with a large amount of excess boxes. I worked at Banana Replublic, and we ended up breaking down and throwing away all of the perfectly good boxes when we were down unloading them. If you come into the store first thing in the morning, the stock team is still in the back breaking down the boxes and will be more than willing to give you a couple of boxes if you ask for them.

Now that you have your moving boxes, it’s time to make an inventory list of your belongings. If you’re looking to save time, and spend a little bit of money, it’s a smart idea to find a cheap moving company do the actually loading of your stuff and transporting it to your new home for you.