Karcher Cleaning Equipments

Karcher Cleaning Equipments

Karcher is one of the world renowned companies that are involved in the manufacture of office cleaning supplies and eco-friendly hygiene products since the early twentieth century. Karcher as a company was established by Alfred Karcher in Germany as an engineering company which specialized in the manufacture of machines and parts. It is only over a period of time that the company made a foray into the arena of cleaning equipment and remained to dominate the field for many years to come. The small fledgling company which started as an engineering entrepreneurship soon grew into a multinational company with its presence in all the prominent locations in the world and its name being synonymous with office cleaning supplies.

After having established its dominance in Germany, Karcher soon began to expand all over Europe and soon a variety of Karcher products were available at all the outlets of the company in the continent. Gradually, Karcher expanded its operations to include the other continents of South America, North America, Africa and Australia. As a supplier of office cleaning supplies and eco-friendly hygiene products, Karcher has maintained its reputation of being a provider of quality products at cost effective prices and supported by an efficient customer service. Karcher has earned the reputation of being a world class manufacturing company through its numerous subsidiaries and service centers.

Identifiable all over the world due to their yellow color, Karcher products include a range of high pressure cleaning equipment, wet and dry vacuum cleaners, sweepers, scrubbers, car-washing systems, steam cleaners, cleaning agents and waste-water treatment plants. An important milestone for Karcher was the release of the portable pressure washer which was the first machine of its kind meant for indoor cleaning. This led to an expansion in the line of Karcher products to include steam and vacuum cleaners. Along with indoor equipment Karcher decided to diversify into garden equipment as well like watering pumps, drainage and house watering supply. Improvement in cleaning supplies was made through continuous innovation in the existing machines in form of high pressure cleaners, multi-functional municipal sweepers and water dispensers.

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Karcher products have maintained their dominance all over the world through many decades mainly due to the progressive attitude of the company. Constant innovation and efforts towards improvement have resulted in a line of Karcher products which are incomparable in performance and quality. Being a worldwide leader in technology, Karcher still leads the field with its inventiveness and indomitable spirit which was the hallmark of its founder and is now evident through his progeny who rule the business.