How to Start Your Own Moving Business

How to Start Your Own Moving Business

You can be in business for yourself, and you can make really good money starting your own moving business. You would need a truck for this job, but you can always rent one until you can afford to get your own. When you get a truck, you would really want to make sure you get a truck with a power lift gate, or you’re going to break your back each time you load, or unload, with no power ramp. You would want to make up some fliers offering your moving services to people, so they can call you.

You can advertise in local papers, and use signs on your vehicle so potential customers can call you and talk to you about moving their items. You should hang as many fliers as you can. Go to all the apartment buildings, and condo’s as you can find, as people living there, are constantly moving in and out, and these will be your best candidates in the beginning of your moving business.

You could drive around different neighborhoods, and all the houses you see for sale, with for sale signs in the front yard, would be a great place for you to stop, and place a flier at their front door. If you passed out fliers to 200 homes for sale, you would get some calls, and be working for yourself very quickly in the moving business.

This business does require a little bit more paperwork and regulations, for most all states, so check into all the rules you must follow, but don’t let any of them stop you from starting your own moving business. Not everyone can start out with a brand new big truck, and all the money in the world to advertise, so be patient and grow your business and you could be the smallest guy, on your way to becoming the next American Van Lines.

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