How To Clean Restrooms Fast

How To Clean Restrooms Fast

Whether at home or office the restroom needs to be cleaned. So if you clean for money or just clean your own bathroom at home you still want to get this job done as quickly as possible. It can take some people up to one hour to clean a restroom and other people can do the same job in half the time or less. If you have a cleaning service and your job is to clean the restrooms in an office, you want to learn speed cleaning tips to reduce the time it takes to complete this chore so you can move on to another area to clean.

Professional office cleaning crews want to speed clean their way right out the door and onto the next office as quickly, efficiently, and thoroughly as possible. You can do it too. Here are some bathroom pointers that will help you get the job done faster and more efficiently just like to pro’s.

First, always stock the paper products in the restrooms such as paper towels and toilet paper before you actually start to clean the restroom. Have everything handy in a tray so you don’t have to stop work to go get some glass cleaner or anything else. Use a handful of paper towels and some glass cleaner in a spray bottle to start with the mirror. The mirror mainly needs to be cleaned in the area just above the sink where the water gets splashed up from someone washing their hands. Remember to bend over to see the lower area of the mirror just above the faucet to visually check if you missed any spots before you walk away. You don’t always have to clean the entire mirror every time you do the routine cleaning. Just be sure to get the splash marks off the lower area.

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Use an all purpose cleaner and paper towels on the sinks and countertops. Remember, the more cleaner you spray on the surface, the more you will have to wipe off and this takes more time. With practice and repetition, you will get the feel as to how much liquid is enough to spray onto surfaces.

Toilets are all cleaned the same way. Using a brush or Johnny mop of some kind, Move the brush around the bowl to get some water on the dry area of the bowl. Then sprinkle some Ajax or Comet onto the same area. Now work the brush round and round towards the inside bottom of the bowl and flush the toilet.

If persistent stains of any kind are present, you may need to use bowl acid to remove them. You can also use a pumice stone or what is called a griddle screen to remove stubborn rings around the bowl. Next, use any kind of all purpose cleaner or disinfectant and lightly spray all areas at one time instead of repeating the motions of wiping off and spraying. For example, spray liquid cleaner in the sink and continue spraying it all over the counter top at one time and then wipe it all off. Work as quickly as possible.

Again, as with the sinks and countertops, when cleaning the toilet use as little spray as possible so it will take less time to wipe off. With practice you will get faster and faster.