How To Choose The Right Porta Potty For An Outdoor Event

Event planning takes a lot of work, and not all of it is glamorous. Choosing the right porta potties can make or break an outdoor event, though, so while event planners may not like to think about how their guests will be dealing with the call of nature, they can’t afford to ignore this serious practical concern. Read on to find out what to consider before renting porta potties to ensure that everyone will have a good time and no one will have to worry about holding it until he or she gets home.

Understanding Location and Logistics

Before even looking into where to rent a porta potty sacramento ca, event planners should try to envision their events. Think about the event space, how many people are likely to visit over the course of the day, and what the budget is for the event. This will give event planners an idea of how much space they must work with, how many guests they’ll need to accommodate, and how much of their budgets they’ll have to devote to providing adequate facilities for them.

Avoid Tacky Construction Site Models

The standard, tiny blue or green porta-potties found at construction sites may get the job done, but they certainly won’t offer guests a very good impression. Let’s just take those off the table right off the bat. Providing portable restrooms that include, at the very least, adequate shelving and hooks, hand sanitizer, and lights for nighttime use will ensure that no guests are afraid to answer the call of nature while they’re at the event. This will improve their comfort and ensure that they have a good time.

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Consider the Needs of All the Guests

Provide at least one ADA compliant accessible porta potty. Accessible portable restrooms offer easy access to wheelchairs and other mobility devices and feature benches and handrails to make it easier for users to transfer in and out of wheelchairs. They’re also larger than standard porta-potties, so guests will have plenty of space to move. As a general rule, one out of every 20 portable restrooms should be handicap accessible.

Rent Enough Porta-Potties for Everyone

No one wants to be stuck waiting in interminable lines and there’s nothing worse than planning an all-day event and finding out toward the end of the day that all the porta-potties are full. Most experts recommend having at least one porta potty for every 100 event attendees, but that estimate is just a starting point. Add 15-20% more porta-potties if guests will be drinking alcohol.

The Bottom Line

Ensuring that an outdoor event goes off without a hitch requires a lot of work. Few event planners relish the thought of planning for their guests’ bathroom breaks, but without sufficient sanitation facilities, guests will be uncomfortable, and hosts may wind up with unpleasant complications on their hands. If in doubt, choose larger porta-potties and rent in bulk. It’s better to spend the extra money on providing too many portable bathrooms than it is to deal with emergency toilet situations at the end of the night.