How Do I Determine Who Is a Great Commercial Estate Agent?

How Do I Determine Who Is a Great Commercial Estate Agent?

With so many commercial estate agents to choose from it has always been a daunting task determining the right one for your big move.

A professional and established commercial estate agent is practised in locating the perfect office space for anyone wishing to launch or expand their business in the capital. The correct choice will ensure that such a move can take place seamlessly, your business remaining unaffected and continuing its day to day work.

The capital remains at the heart of the international business community. A relocation or expansion to London from abroad or within the UK can boost profits and commercial success for many corporations, both big and small.

A successful commercial estate agent will possess a wealth of industry-based knowledge and boast the ability to connect their client to the right investment quickly and easily, allowing your work to continue undisturbed.

For any businesses deliberating a daunting move to London, or for the thriving enterprise wishing to increase their empire, there are number of key factors to look out for that can determine what separates the good from the great commercial estate agent.

Here are some helpful tips to help you choose the right team for you:

Your central focus should be that a intuitive agent will possess the foresight and knowledge to determine which areas offer the best value for money, insight, eventual return on investment and which location features the amenities that will best serve their client’s firm. These are the features which will be necessary to achieve a profitable move and a successful relationship with your agent.

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Industry foresight is key to ensuring you have been introduced to both the right area and building. With one eye set firmly on the future, the commercial agent should know the background and future plans for the immediate and surrounding area. London is an evolving city and there are likely to be developments planned in your prospective site at some point. A thorough commercial property estate agent will be able to ascertain whether these changes will benefit or damage their client and advise as to whether this is the right investment for the future.

Traditionally, a more personal service will come from an independent commercial estate agent. This is because they will have no allegiances to any landlords and can therefore negotiate a price on behalf of the buyer or tenant rather than those of the landlord or seller.

Once the ideal site has been found, an intrepid agent will guarantee the move takes place efficiently, and with as little disruption to the client’s business as possible. Remember, you are paying the agency to work as your man on the ground, ensuring your attention remains in the office rather than on the move.

Follow these golden rules and your move to the Big Smoke will be a smooth and successful one.

If your company is planning to make a successful move to London, an accomplished commercial estate agent is essential.