Green Cleaning Services Keep Your Home, Office or Business Spotless and Safe!

Green Cleaning Services Keep Your Home, Office or Business Spotless and Safe!

Did you know that conventional cleaning products can actually add pollutants and contaminants to your indoor space? When you want a truly safe, clean environment for your home or office, opt for green cleaning services from your local janitorial service instead!

Keeping a clean interior for your home, office, or business is essential. A spick-and-span environment not only eradicates harmful bacteria and germs, it also presents a crisp shine that’s appealing to guests and customers alike. But did you know the cleaning products that you’re currently using could actually be doing more harm than good? Standard cleaning services use chemical cleaners to get a deep-down cleansing, but these products are known to cause environmental damage as well as harm to individuals who come in contact with them. Conventional cleaning products may contain any number of the following dangerous ingredients:

Antibacterial agents: Antibiotic-resistant bacteria, or “superbugs,” are caused by our excessive use of antibacterial agents like benzalkonium chloride and triclosan. Making human sicknesses more and more challenging to treat, these superbugs are rapidly increasing in presence and strength.

Chlorine bleach: Even more off-putting than its acrid smell is the fact that bleach contributes to the formation of organochlorines, most notably chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), that are known to deteriorate the Earth’s ozone layer.

Phosphates: Contributing to disproportionate levels of algae in small bodies of water, phosphates indirectly cause the suffocation of marine life. Phosphates are found in a large number of detergents.

Pesticides and carcinogens: Contained in a large number of air fresheners, disinfectants, and other spray products, pesticides and carcinogens are dangerous for both children and adults.

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Phthalates: Recognized as causing cancer and reproductive illnesses in laboratory animals, phthalates are found in many products that produce long-lasting aromas.

VOCs: Contained in products ranging from latex paint to furniture polish, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can cause serious health problems.

Petroleum: Petroleum is a finite resource often used in household cleaners and products in the form of perchloroethylene, diethylene glycol, butyl cellosolve, mineral oil, and paraffin. The constant drilling and refining required for petroleum use contribute to air, land, and water pollution.

Glycol ethers: The majority of traditional glass cleaners are known to contain glycol ethers, which negatively effect the reproductive system when exposure takes place at

high levels.

Such a long list of harmful chemicals and environmental repercussions can be disheartening, but don’t resign yourself to old-fashioned cleaning methods: there are other options! Many professional cleaning services now offer eco-friendly solutions that will keep your home or office clean without exposing you or the environmental to serious health risks. Check with your local janitorial service for more information!

Today, more and more janitorial services are offering green cleaning solutions that protect the welfare of your family, your visitors, your pets, your employees, your customers, and you. Biodegradable, nontoxic, and nonflammable, green cleaning products are useful for projects of all types. Whether for a one-time move out cleaning service or routine office cleaning services, a janitorial team that uses eco-friendly products will significantly improve the hygienic quality of your space.

If you want fewer air pollutants, toxins, and contaminants indoors, contact one of your nearby residential or commercial cleaning services. When you hire a professional cleaning service that uses green products, you’ll be protecting your health and the well-being of the environment at the same time. Call your local professionals today!

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