Get The Best Precision Measurement Equipment Services

ATT Metrology Solutions is a company that offers precision measurement equipment services. It also manufactures optical target adapters and accessories for laser trackers.

The industrial metrology market is expected to grow in the next few years due to the rising demand for automated inspection and quality control. As a result, several players are engaged in this market.


ATT Metrology Solutions offers precision measurement equipment services for the aerospace, transportation, and telecommunications industries. These services include engineering investigations, fit checks, part measurements, deformation and drift monitoring, and in-process inspections.

ATS utilizes the latest in 3D precision measurement equipment and software. In addition, their technicians are highly trained and skilled in using all metrology instruments.

They also have extensive experience with blueprint reading and GD&T. This allows them to break down what the customer is trying to accomplish and how best they can achieve it.

The company’s ZeroTouch measuring platform features multiple non-contact sensor technologies that can measure in three dimensions rapidly and in real-time, allowing them to analyze parts or assemblies much faster than traditional CMMs.


ATT Metrology Solutions offers calibration services for various test instruments and equipment. Their laboratory is accredited to ISO 17025, and all measurement results are NIST traceable.

ATT provides on-site precision measurements to meet customer demands using the latest technology and advanced metrology equipment. They also offer dimensional inspection, equipment rentals, target adapters, and tool fabrication.

Their metrology equipment includes coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), optical and multisensor systems, and software solutions. These are used for dimensional analysis, inspection, and quality control of components.

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They also provide non-contact video inspection, contact scan probe inspection, and dimensional standards calibration services for customers worldwide.

ATT Metrology Solutions has provided high-quality, dependable dimensional inspection and measurement instrument calibration services since 1986. They have NIST traceable measurement results and a strong team of experienced calibration technicians.


ATT Metrology Solutions provides customers with state-of-the-art precision measurement equipment and expert services worldwide. The company’s large-scale 3D metrology services, utilizing the latest laser scanning technology and computer-aided theodolite systems, are well-known in the aerospace industry.

Amongst other products, the company also manufactures a broad line of easy-to-use high-tech measuring tools that incorporate lasers, optics, and electronics, along with solidly built mechanical features to deliver the most precise measuring strokes in a compact package.

Their other claim to fame is their large-scale 3D metrology services. They have the largest selection of 3D Laser Tracker Target adapters and BMRs in the business and a dedicated team of physicists and engineers to help guide their customers through the complex maze of laser measurement technology. As a company that has been around for more than two decades, we have the expertise to provide you with the best precision measurement solution for your application.


ATT Metrology Solutions offers sales services for precision measurement equipment. Its range of products includes a variety of laser measuring and alignment systems that incorporate optics, electronics, and solidly built mechanical features.

These products are designed for use in industries that manufacture equipment, including automotive, semiconductor, and pet food. They deliver a 0.0001-inch measuring resolution and work over distances of up to 200 feet.

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In addition to sales, ATT Metrology Solutions also provides repair, calibration, and inspection services for industrial metrology products. Its services include gage calibration, first article inspection, granite plate resurfacing, casting layout, torque calibration, and CMM contract inspection.

The global automotive industry is a crucial contributor to the industrial metrology market. However, the recent decline in car production has impacted the demand for many metrology products. This is due to shortages of semiconductors and other intermediate goods, long supplier delivery times, and bottlenecks in container shipping. This is a trend that is expected to continue for the foreseeable future.