Doing House Cleaning With A Plan

Doing House Cleaning With A Plan

House Cleaning is something some people love to do and others dislike with a passion. Sometimes it’s the training one had when growing up, other times it’s just that one thinks they are too busy or it’s too much work. However, when done right, house cleaning can be as routine as dressing and undressing.

A great deal of housecleaning is because things are not put away. It’s much easier to throw a coat over the back of a chair, for example, when coming home from work than it is to put it on a hanger in the closet. Newspapers, when read are often just tossed on the floor, couch or a table. Coming in from shopping the bags are often just dropped instead of being put away.

This does not mean that one must be a clean freak but what it means is when done with something if it is put up or discarded it means that much less for the person who is doing the house cleaning. It’s the same with other things, such as shoes left where taken off or books not put back on a shelf. It is amazing how much these little things can mean when it comes to the overall job.

Some people try to do all their house cleaning at one time. This is a mistake. It makes one tired, cross and resentful if too much is piled up. There are two kinds of housecleaning. Heavy duty, which means cleaning out cupboards, taking down curtains, washing windows and so forth, and light cleaning.

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Light cleaning means picking up, sweeping, dusting and vacuuming. It also means cleaning off the kitchen counters and picking up those papers and other things someone did not put away. It will also include moping the floors, if necessary, and vacuuming the rugs.

The hardest of these two types of cleaning is the heavy duty. This can be very tiring so it must be planned as carefully as if one were going into battle. The best way to do this is one room at a time. In this way it is possible to combine it with the light cleaning. By doing one room, a person can clean the cupboards, discard unwanted things, and clean the windows or whatever needs to be done and still not neglect the rest of the house. Fortunately, heavy duty only takes place about once a year.