Do You Really Need To Use That Washer?

Have you ever put together a piece of flat-pack furniture, looked at the washers that were included, and wondered if they really mattered?

For anyone who has placed a washer on a threaded fastener out of habit, have you thought about why you take this extra step? What makes these small spacers so important?

Washers play a crucial role in keeping the world around us safe. It may seem like they’re not as important as a screw, bolt, or nut, but they are a vital part of the construction industry and play an important role in many military applications.

Why We Use Washers

There are many different types of washers, with flat washers being some of the most common. The main advantage of this washer is its capability to evenly distribute the pressure of the nut and fastener head over a surface.

This is a vital feature. Adequate load distribution ensures that the surface isn’t damaged by the pressure that’s created when a fastener assembly is tightened.

A spacing component like this is essential if you are trying to fasten into a softer material, like wood, plastic, or a soft metal. If a tough steel bolt or screw is tightened into the weaker material, it can become damaged and the assembly will loosen as installation holes are widened and warped.

The washer also ensures that the nut or fastener head is pressed tightly against a smooth surface. This will help to guarantee that the nut, bolt, or screw stays firmly fitted in place.

In addition to providing better security over time, they make the installation process easier. A washer will allow for increased torque, which can be applied to the fastener and therefore you get a tighter, smoother fastening.

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Apart from load distribution, a washer may be used for additional benefits. These benefits can vary based on their shape.

For example, spring washers may have waves, a cone-shape, or a split in their surface. Such features enable a fastener assembly to better absorb vibrations and shock or can provide a locking mechanism.


There are also tooth or star washers, which are often coupled with a specific fastener to lock together to form a tight bond.

The Importance Of Quality

Whether you are using flat washers, spring washers, or other types, it’s always important to ensure they are of the highest quality. When washers are made uniformly, from highly enduring materials, those factors provide lasting security.

Though they may seem small, missing, damaged, or improperly installed washers can cause very dangerous situations, particularly in high performance and high demand settings. An example of this would be a washer used in a military application.

In such a case, you have to make sure that you are using the best, and having the best military fastener supplier such as Superior Washer would be a common sense decision.

Though washers are common, not a lot of people know how important they are. Without them, the integrity of vehicles, appliances, homes, and other structures would be lost, and that’s nothing to take for granted.

Next time you’re putting something together and washers are included among the components, you’ll now understand why they’re so vital to the success of your project.