Corrugated Moving Boxes

Corrugated Moving Boxes

What’s sometimes overlooked during the moving process is the importance of using quality boxes. It’s easy just to use any boxes that are laying around the house, or grab used ones from a friend or a grocery store. What difference does it make, right? A box is a box, so why should I pay for moving boxes when I can get them for free? While it’s possible to get sturdy boxes for free, you still have to consider that they have been used and may not hold up while transported. Keep in mind that they will be stacked on top of one another, so any weak boxes on the bottom could collapse.

So if you are going to buy cardboard boxes, which ones should you choose? Corrugated moving boxes are a good option. They are commonly used all over the world to ship and transport items, because they are stronger and more sturdy than the average box. Using them will give you confidence and peace of mind knowing that your items will be adequately protected. Otherwise, you are taking a chance that none of your belongings will get damaged.

What separates a corrugated moving box from the average box is the additional layers it has, three to be exact. The more layers it has, the stronger it is. This is why they are used so often to ship fragile items. They are widely available and are not as expensive as you might think.

The reason is because the majority of corrugated boxes are recycled. As a result, the production process is less costly as opposed to creating boxes from scratch.

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As mentioned, corrugated boxes have three layers to them. The first interior layer is the strongest of the three, as it’s designed to provide optimal protection. The other two layers are built to withstand very cold or hot conditions and pressures, and are considered to be the frame for the box.

Pine trees typically the source for corrugated box materials. Certain chemicals are applied to the tree fibers to give them additional strength. Corrugated boxes are environmentally friendly since they can be broken down and recycled.

So as you can see, corrugated moving boxes are a great option for saving money and getting more protection for your items. Most moving companies and box stores sell corrugated moving boxes, so they are not difficult to find. They may not be free, but they are dependable and can be re-used or recycled.