Considerations to Make When Using Earthmoving Equipment

Most construction work includes the moving of earth. Earth is moved when you dig, earth is moved when you excavate, and earth is moved again when you bury. No matter what the specific job is, installing foundations or accessing a sewer pipe, earth is going to moved and moved again. Luckily, there is special equipment designed just for that purpose. Earthmoving equipment is made to do as its title implies. Trenchers, loaders, dozers, and excavators make digging by hand completely obsolete. They save time and boost efficiency, but they are not universal. Trenchers cannot load, and loaders cannot excavate, so when considering an earthmoving project certain steps need to be taken.

Choose the Right Equipment

Depending on the job, only one type of earthmover may be required for the task at hand. The last thing one want to do is rent or purchase hardware they do not need. Therefore, it is important to understand the types of movers out there, and their specific functions. This has the propensity to save money and headaches in the long run. Excavators are crane-like with long arms holding a bucket. They are prefect for digging deeper holes. The space the long arm creates is perfect for digging pools, digging near a waterline, or basic demolition.

Loaders have a wider bucket and two arms. This makes them ideal for large excavation jobs as they can dig and carry more. They can carry heavy rocks as well as cement. The lack of a long arm makes them tougher to use on damp soil, but they are perfect for clearing topsoil. Trenchers are long and narrow buckets that handle wide digs. They are aptly named because these wide digs result in a finely crafted trench. Dozers are used for moving earth. They do not dig they push large amounts of debris anywhere needed. Several attachments from hammers to grabbers are also available for specific equipment. It is important to make sure you understand what the job requires, and what you specifically need before acquiring the corresponding equipment.

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Choosing a Company

Once you have figured out the parameters of the job it becomes to rent the equipment. Companies thrive off reputation so do some research when looking. A simple internet search for earthmoving equipment perth, will give you everything you need to know. Make sure they have good references, reliable equipment, and are insured. Once you find a couple of decent companies, compare price and salvage cost.


As most independent jobs usually use rented equipment duration becomes a valuable consideration. Money can be saved when calculating the amount of time equipment will be used. You do not want to rent a costly trencher and have it sit there unused. Rent the trencher when it is time to use it, and make sure that use is efficient. You do not want to keep the equipment longer than you need it. Remember, an excavator is not needed to fill a hole. So, once the digging stops the excavator is no longer needed.