Business Moving

Business Moving

There are actually many different types of business moves.

The most common is the basic office move. This involves packing and moving the contents of an office from one location to another. Usually it means moving desks, credenzas, file cabinets, bookcases, supply cabinets, computers, and also cartons and boxes.

Another type of is installation or relocation or workstations and cubicles. This requires a mover that is trained in the specifics of partition and systems workstations.

Then there is warehouse and industrial moving. This often involves moving of pallet racking, supply shelving, work benches and work tables, palletized inventory or equipment, and many other items specific to a particular business or industry.

Yet another specialized area of business moving is machinery moving. Experienced machinery movers are capable of moving machines as small as a few hundred pounds to machines weighing in excess of 60 tons.

Another type of is relocation of retail store and hotel fixtures and furniture. This often involves weeks or months of installation, transport, and many times short term storage of the various fixtures and items.

One more type of business moving involves working with entertainment industry production and studio facilities. This type of work can include many types of moving request, and often requires patient and careful crews.

Medical facilities and laboratory relocation is yet one more varying type of business move.

Sensitive technology and high value technology equipment, such as computers and mainframe servers and server racks are yet another area of specialized business moving.

The list of different types of business moves could go on and on, but this covers many of the different types that occur regularly.

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Of significant importance for any type of business move, is again, get help from those with proper qualifications and experience in your specific type of business move.