Are You Saving Too Much?

Are You Saving Too Much?

We also work hard and save whatever we can. It is always a good habit to save for future and for rainy days. Of course, more savings is definitely better.

So, ask yourself if you are saving too much? Well, one should not complain about saving too much, right? This is correct if it is not compromising something else. Read on and see what I meant.

A friend of mine has saved almost every single cent that she earned. She does not frequent nice restaurants or like shopping for that matter. She will invest her money in the stock market.

We admired her. But look it from another point of view. Life nowadays is stressful and hectic. Some of us believe that we should reward ourselves occasionally. We worked so hard to build a comfortable life that we think we wanted. However, we sometimes forget the objective and forgot to celebrate when we achieve a milestone. Saving is good, but the important point is not to forget to reward ourselves as we have worked so hard. Unless one is trying to make ends meet.

Be it a handbag, a watch, a good nice dinner, a holiday, pamper yourself. It would be good psychologically as well. It could be a mean of recharge, recognition, motivation, etc.

If having a lot of money in savings but one is tired and unhealthy, or even depressed, then it is not a good balance.

In life, we need to establish harmony in things that we do and this is one that we need keep to ensure balance and harmony.

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