8 Reasons Your Business MUST Be Online

8 Reasons Your Business MUST Be Online

1. Compared to other forms of marketing, a blog and other online marketing tools are low-cost or even free. No mailings, no 3D presentation materials, no fuel, no printing and no samples. Blogs can be set up for free using WordPress or low cost if you are after your very own domain name. Utilising social media can then be used to advertise your blog – again for free!

2. Moving business online means you can widen your market whilst narrowing your niche. Instead of selling to your local community, you now have the whole Nation, or even world at your doorstep. This in turn means you have the luxury to be ultra selective in your choice of customers and/or business partners, and can target any advertising to one particular group of people.

3. You can create a virtual shopfront to sell your wares online, utilising the convenience of credit card holders or PayPal users. You don’t necessarily need a brick and mortar shop, nor lug products around to markets, etc.

4. Through your blog posts you can give freely your knowledge and expertise, creating value for your customers or potential business partners and showing leadership. Continue to show aspects of your personality, expertise and leadership and your readers will come to like and trust you, and become move likely to buy from you.

5. Using the internet as a business tool means you can leverage your time and efforts for repetitive tasks such as emailing customers, answering frequently asked questions, and explaining the benefits of your products.

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6. As mentioned in point 1, social media can be used to drive traffic to your site. The main purpose of using social media however is to build relationships with your customers. How do you build relationships? – Continue the conversation started on your blog post, point them to other interesting reads, or tell them of any product specials.

7. Having a blogging website means you now have a platform to incorporate other forms of online money making that can help with your cash flow and make having a business worthwhile. Examples of other ways to make money include affiliate promotion and sales of your particular expertise.

8. Finally, creating an online presence inevitably puts you in the same circles as other online home business owners. Being a business entrepreneur can be very lonely at times and the community support you will receive from other bloggers is fantastic!

Creating and maintaining an online presence may never entirely replace your offline efforts and relationships but it can take your business to the next level. Once online I can guarantee you one thing – you will continue to learn new ways of building your business by being part of the online community! That in itself is worth it.