3 Reasons to Pursue a Trade Career

In the last decade, college attendance has been steadily declining. Could it be the rising cost of education? Or is it the fear of racking up an enormous load of student debt? For many people, it is most likely a combination of both. But it’s probably also because they are finding out they are better off pursuing a trade rather than a career that requires a traditional four-year education. Let’s take a look at a few of the reasons why.

There is often more job security in trades

This may not seem possible, but the truth is that a lot of jobs that degreed people hold can eventually be outsourced or completely eliminated. On the contrary, most trade school jobs require skills that cannot be outsourced and will always be in demand. If you attend an automotive & diesel technology college in NY, for example, you will learn skills that not many people can do and that are impossible to send overseas for completion. Trade jobs are also usually more highly in demand, maybe partly because so many Baby Boomers are now retiring, and they are the ones who have had these jobs. But it could also be because formal education has been pushed so heavily onto the last couple of generations that few were attending trade schools. This means there is a big gap in the workforce just waiting to be filled and not nearly enough people willing to fill them.

You can make money faster with a trade

Most trade school programs can be completed in two years or less, which means you have a faster path to earning real money. In fact, some trades don’t require any amount of school at all.

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This can be crucial to people with families or anyone without the resources to attend college full-time for very long. Take, for example, someone who offers janitorial services in Kalamazoo, MI. They don’t have to receive any type of formal training before starting to work in that field. And if they decide to work as independent contractors, their earning potential is unlimited. They can eventually expand their businesses, hire employees, and branch out with their services. The same thing goes for many other service industries, like construction or consulting.

It’s possible to make more money with trades

Earning more income from a trade than with a traditional degree is not always the reality, but it certainly is not out of reach and can be quite common. Many trades can surprisingly earn you well into six figures. Some of these high-earning trades include flying, plumbing, radiation therapy, construction, and owning your own business. And with significant shortage in CDL drivers, you can now add truck driving jobs to that list. Truck drivers are so in demand at the moment, that many are commanding over six figures a year, especially if they own their own trucks. But that is just the beginning. Almost any trade industry can have uncapped earning potential, especially if you are willing to expand, seek promotion, or start your own business.

Attending a trade school or pursuing a trade on your own can keep you out of debt and set you on the path to a great future and unlimited earnings. And if you decide it’s not the right path for you, you won’t have spent an unnecessary fortune on a degree you didn’t need. Best of all, when you find the right career path for yourself, it can be the start of a fulfilling journey that won’t take you several years to begin.

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