Who We Work With


We are successful at working with people who are willing and able to partner with us and who are able to take decisive action.


We work with people who want to get the most out of their staff and who know their organization needs to shape up for the future.


We work with teams and individuals who want make things happen – and know they need support - they also have the power and the vision to make changes and lead in their organization.


We work with individuals who want more challenge and more satisfaction from their work. They want more from their lives and want to contribute to their organization.


Can you identify with any of these issues other clients have experienced?



You have a lot of opportunities to capitalize on but are afraid that you may not be able to maintain high standards if you don’t alter the way we work.



People are not motivated enough because of lack of understanding and poor alignment as well as old- fashioned ways of managing performance.



Things need to change and people need training but you know that training is only half the answer – you need managers who are able set direction and who can coach people to perform and reach their goals – you need a way to sustain development.



You have all the right processes but people are not using them. You have the best policy ‘manuals’ money can buy but these are not leading to improved performance.



You have ideas about how to change your culture but you can’t make this happen on your own. You know you have a good strategy but it is hard to get people mobilized, even your senior team.



You believe that people all want the same things but then people forget the big picture and bet busy and do what works ‘today’.



Everything gets referred. You want an organization that is designed to ‘know’ how to delight and serve customers and you want staff empowered to act and managers enabling this to happen.



Do any of these issues apply to you personally?



You want to learn how to coach and encourage your people – You have been used to doing everything yourself and find it hard to let go of the day-to-day stuff. You want to learn how to manage and lead well.



You are dissatisfied with your progress and want to do something more satisfying but you don’t know how to identify the next step or what the right development is for you.



People we work with well all share a number of characteristics:


They are personally committed to the project and it is important for their success, they are willing to invest time and effort in the working relationship. We work closely with our clients and like to have regular and open communication and are able be ‘straight’ with each other.


They have real issues that they are motivated to work on and that matter to their organization. We don’t believe in development and change for the sake of it so being able to tie everything back to the ‘bottom line’ helps to focus our efforts.


They are senior enough and accountable for the workOur work tackles some key and fundamental issues and so a level of seniority and the authority to take action is key – plus a willingness to make timely decisions and follow through on commitments to others.


We work with a wide variety of organizations and individuals who can see the need for change. They come from all sectors and from diverse backgrounds. They are committed to working hard, having fun and to getting the most out of themselves and others.


This should give you some idea of whom we can help to be more successful – click here to see How We Work 




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