Delivers the performance you long for…

Wake Up The Workplace© is a comprehensive one-year program that addresses all three levels of your company. We ensure that your business undergoes a top to bottom transformation and an injection of the skills that your company needs to achieve its goals.


The Wake Up The Workplace© Program is unique in many ways…


…It’s tailored to your business needs


The Wake Up The Workplace © Program creates an integrated solution to all these issues. There are a number of ways that it may be one of the more unique programs you’ve ever read about for this region.

  • We link your strategy, your communications and performance management together. For a full year, your company has an integrated focus on this linked activity. Your strategy is communicated regularly and in many connected ways, and performance is managed to achieve that strategy. Your key messages and priorities form the framework of your bespoke Wake up The Workplace program.
  • Learning and development align with your business goals. Workplace training focuses on the skills your needs in order to achieve your plans this year. Skills training links directly to your real goals and to workers’ real jobs. Training is interactive, practical and hands-on, designed for your unique needs. You see immediate benefits because training is designed to provide “on the job” application and people are encouraged to apply it quickly.
  • Training is 80% interactive rather than theoretical. If you’re accustomed to sending people to classroom-based training, you’ll see a real difference in our program. The programs are enjoyable and engaging, tying the learning to the actual work being done. Real life role-play gives participants a chance to practice the skills, so they retain the learning longer. We measure success based on
  • Your managers become skilled performance coaches. We work hand in hand with them, coaching and providing feedback on how to elicit the best performance from your workforce. Their time is spent on bringing out the best in your employees. They are learning new skills themselves and become able to engage people and help them to get work achieved.
  • Your staff works together to deliver your plan. We work with you throughout the year to help your staff and their managers to achieve the goals that you all set together


There are some profound benefits from the Wake Up The Workplace© Program


You Can Expect To See Deep And Lasting Changes In Your Organization

This program achieves deep culture change. Your workforce is immersed in achieving your company’s goals, and learning the skills to provide the results you want. You can expect to see some significant results from the year.

  • Your workforce will move from feeling critiqued and hampered to feeling inspired and wanting to achieve your goals. They are no longer busy “looking busy”, but are performing to accomplish. They’ll learn to take responsibility, make decisions and solve problems. People are encouraged and rewarded for taking things on and achieving results. They’ll feel supported in these new skills and be engaged in the work they’re doing.
  • Your workforce will work as teams, where there’s no need for anyone to be blamed. They’ll work together to achieve your desired goals. Teamwork will become the “right way” to work and anything less will not acceptable. They will be more aligned and take initiative, not waiting for instructions. They’ll get things accomplished, and support their manager.
  • The atmosphere will feel more alive; people will be absorbed in work they enjoy doing. They will be contributing, not clock watching. There will be a “no excuses” attitude. Communication will be more effective and open; what needs to be communicated will be communicated. People are capable and their training will enabled them to feel fully competent in their roles.
  • We identify what your customers want, and train your people to be obsessed with providing this. Your staff will know what matters, and they’ll be empowered to do the things that “make the difference” and transform your business results. Your staff will be focused on getting #1 ratings from all their customers. They’ll be allowed to exceed customer expectations, and the culture of your organization will reward that behavior. Things will get done for the customer.


How the Wake Up The Workplace© Program works


Here Are The Details

By now, you probably want more details about how this program works. It can sound complex, but what you need to realize is that it is designed to change your culture by working at three levels simultaneously: leadership team, managers, and your frontline staff.


1. A leadership team off-site. This meeting identifies what you want to see changed in the organization. What results do you want? What problem are we all working to solve? We work with you and your leadership team to create and communicate a very clear set of objectives for this work.


2. Next, together we work with your managers to get their perspective on the same issues. What do they see as the skills needed for themselves and for their staff? Where are the gaps in capability? Together we articulate goals and how they need to be communicated. What is needed to create a performance management culture?


3. Finally we take this out into the organization. We work with you all to design a “Wake Up” approach that will work for your organization that blends communication, performance management and skills development into an employee engagement initiative tied to your business plan.


4. We keep this all fresh. Your leadership team continues to engage and inspire your people and to remove obstacles to progress. Your managers work with their teams to achieve their goals. Your staff learn new ways of working and are empowered to serve your customers in ways that ensure your business is focused on the right things


The steps in implementing the Wake Up the Workplace Program


1. We Present the leadership team with an analysis and specific proposals about how to accomplish their goals. How will this program get their results? What are the components? What is the training and development? We get agreement.

2. Managers are trained in the coaching and performance management skills needed. We help them set goals around the initiative and turn those into performance expectations. We build in a feedback loop about the various aspects of the program.

3. We design communications and get the approval of the leadership team. A complete communications plan is prepared with all messaging and formats.

4. We have an organizational kickoff. The goals and messaging is communicated to the entire organization. Projects and subprojects are created to deliver specific results. The project team works to transfer skills to your staff. We are actually delivering the initiative, while your workers are learning how to do what they need to do. Needed training starts for all three levels: leadership team, managers, and workers.

5. The leadership team has monthly meetings and quarterly progress meetings to report on results. The focus is on progress, and what’s really happening. We work to fill in any gaps.

6. As the year-end approaches, we have another leadership team offsite to plan goals for the next year.

7. The program concludes with a day where the managers share and communicate the results. We let everyone know what’s coming in the next year.


Is The Wake Up The Workplace© Program right For your company?


Here Are Some Specific Identifiers To Help You Decide


Read and answer the following questions. If you're looking for confirmation that this program is right for you, answer the following questions. If you answer yes to two or more of these questions, it’s likely that the Wake Up The Workforce© Program is right for you.


  • Are you currently dissatisfied with the level of performance of your managers and employees?
  • Do you believe your company can achieve more?
  • Do you want people with skills to deliver your business plan this year?
  • Do you want to have your business plan direct the work of everyone at the company?
  • Are you investing in generic training programs that don’t provide the skills your employees really need in their everyday work?
  • Do you want to massively improve customer service so that your customers come to see your company as superior to your competitors?
  • Are you ready to have your managers leverage their positions and lead their workers as teams to accomplish your company’s goals?
  • Is it time that your workers gained problem-solving skills and learned to take initiative to benefit your company?


Here’s the next step you can take to learn more


If you have got this far you very likely have some of the issues we describe. The ideal way for us to decide if this is right for you is to meet and discuss our approach and how it would work for your company. We offer a complimentary “Wake Up Strategy Session” to clarify your specific needs.

At this meeting, we explore the challenges and opportunities you have and see if this program can help you. Whatever happens afterwards, you have the opportunity to get things clear in your mind. We “think through” the main issues you have in providing workplace development. We’ll look at how we can help you deliver the performance you want and how this program can improve the future of your company.

The conversation will take about 90 minutes and needs to be conducted face to face. Please call me; I would love to learn more about your business and figure out the best way to help.








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