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In your company, your people are potentially your greatest asset. However, do you find yourself complaining about the poor attitudes, below par skills and lagging productivity of the people working for you?

Your business may be constrained by a mindset specific to this region. People are scared of getting blamed and so they tend to be cautious and hesitant about making decisions, about taking responsibility and nervous to set the performance bar too high.

Your workforce tends to be risk averse. Schooling hasn’t provided people with robust workplace skills. They expect to be told what to do in the workplace in the same way that they were ‘instructed’ in school. Staff are not given clear accountabilities with clear and time-bounded goals and so they are more likely to get into trouble for doing ‘the wrong thing’ than for doing nothing at all.

Unfortunately, this state of affairs is kept firmly in place by company leadership and management that don’t know how to transform the potential of its workers into real productivity, accountability and profitability.


Here are the Three Biggest Issues that cause your company to underperform:


Leadership You are not effectively communicating your business strategy so that your managers and employees both understand it and are eager to follow it. The fact that you and some of your leadership team know what you want to accomplish is not enough. Your managers and employees are not working consistently toward those objectives because there is a disconnect between your vision and what they think is possible.

Management Managers don’t set powerful goals and are resigned to the status quo. Rather than helping people to aim for ‘stretch’ goals there is a tendency to under aim so that the goal can be attained without too much risk of failure. Instead too much time is spent on supervising day-to-day tasks of staff. They want to help people to achieve more but are scared to do what is needed to empower people in case things go wrong.

Employees Employees ‘watch and wait.’ They are likely to hold up work waiting for a decision, fail to serve a customer because of some minor technicality. Workers blame managers saying, “My manager doesn’t support me in getting things achieved.” As a result, they avoid decision-making, problem-solving, or taking responsibility to get the job done quickly and efficiently. They’re too concerned not to get blamed for doing the wrong thing.

Clearly, with this state of affairs, nothing will change; leaders, managers and employees will blame each other and keep repeating this unproductive cycle of work.



It’s time (and it’s possible) to get your business performing to much Higher Standards.


You know that your company is capable of much more than it’s accomplishing now. You’ve been frustrated, yet it’s been unclear how to correct this situation. You see so many things that are not satisfactory.
Isn’t this how you’d like to see your company working?

Leadership As a leader, your strategy, direction and business plan is thoroughly understood and drives all activity. You and the leadership team have consistent messaging and communications about what you want to accomplish. Everyone in the company is working to those objectives. Everyone in the company, working as teams, is delivering your vision of what the company needs to be.

Management - Managers deliver on the business plan. They break it down into goals and motivate team performance. Now that they have better skills they step up and manage people more effectively. They work with their teams to accomplish what is needed and are ambitious for more.

Employees Staff take responsibility for their work. They make decisions, problem-solve, and take responsibility for getting the job done quickly and efficiently. They know they have support to do what is needed to service customers really well. They enjoy the greater freedoms of handling things for themselves, and take the best care of your business.


With these changes, you’ll feel the difference in everyone who works for you. You’ll experience the excitement of an organization focused, aligned and one that is delivering exceptional results.

So how is this change in your leadership, management and employees possible?


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