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If you are not confident that the skills training you are providing for your staff is making the difference that you want we can help.

If you are concerned that people don’t understand your priorities and how their work contributes to realizing your goals they need help to Wake up and get engaged.


The Wake up approach to organizational and people development is designed to take skills training one step further and tailor the delivery of these skills to your organization’s specific needs and your people’s real jobs and goals.


This approach is designed to integrate skills training with corporate communications and engagement in order to improve individual and organizational effectiveness. This is done in a way that creates a ‘one team’ ethos, attracts and retains the right people and connects skills to the organization’s purpose and customers.




We are committed to developing workplace skills training that makes a real difference to performance. Too often people are sent on courses that are not relevant, they can’t connect the learning to their job and the experience is depressing and boring.

We link all of our workshops to:

The customer experience – whether this is an internal or an external customer there must be a direct connection made back to improving services and winning new business.

Real ‘day jobs’ and individual effectiveness through improved capability in action, there is really no point in developing skills that people won’t use quickly.

Your organization’s culture and values – we will design core elements to reinforce and communicate your values, expected behaviors and the way you want people to work and behave in your organization.

Individual responsibility and how important they are to the overall success of the organization – that what they choose to do makes a significant difference to their own results and to other people’s.

Enjoyment and energy – people love to achieve results, to express themselves and to have the satisfaction of learning with others in an active and meaningful way and we create this in the way we deliver our work.

Engaging people in the process of learning – and applying the skills back in the workplace.


Our methods of learning are designed for adult learners and use a range of techniques that ensure that the learner is central; they are engaged and stretched to think about what they will do with this learning on their return to work.

Topics that we cover are:

• Communications skills 
• Presentation skills
• Influence and negotiation
• Planning and project management
• Goal setting and performance management


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