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Julian and I met when someone told me about a guy who created a one page visual of a book I was reading about dialogue based facilitation. I needed someone to simplify a process I was working on and so a meeting seemed a good idea. After giving me a really good listening to, asking me a lot of questions he was able to help me to get to the essence of what I was struggling to explain. Julian said “I take seriously what you say, if I can’t draw what you mean I will ask you questions until I can capture this and you can see what you mean”. I have been fascinated with the power of his processes ever since. Over the 10 years I have known him Julian has grown his business and now employs 10 visual dialogue facilitators and works with a really interesting range of clients helping them to express what they mean and mean what they say and for teams to be able to truly create a “shared picture” of what they are doing together.





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