Rosemary Napper


Rosemary Napper practices as a coach and consultant on 4 continents - and also provides in depth training and international accreditation for other professionals, underpinned by systemic transactional analysis concepts.


Regular professional learning and development takes place in Oxford and also Gatwick in the UK; and in Porto Alegre and Curitiba in Brazil; and occasional training in major cities in India, Germany, Romania, with one-offs in many other major cities of the world.She frequently keynotes and provides workshops at international conferences.


Both Rosemary Napper and her quality-assured associates tailor learning programmes, coach with an organisational perspective, and provide in-depth consultancy in the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand, India,Japan, Scotland, Latin America and the Carribean.


Rosemary Napper is qualified as a training and supervising transactional analyst in the fields of organisational work, education and counselling. She has written chapters in books on both coaching and counselling, and also books on adult learning (in which she has a masters). She has integrated many approaches including gestalt, NLP, psychodynamic perspectives, systemic practice, constellations, positive psychology and brief work, and developed a framework for systemic coaching and consultancy.








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