Elif Todd


Elif first observed the power and impact of good training well delivered as a management trainee (sometimes you have to have been subjected to the mediocre to recognise the excellent!). Her first position as a full time trainer combined the thrill of performance with the joy of seeing people reaping concrete benefits from their time in the classroom - and using those benefits to transform the culture of the company she worked for.


From general behavioural trainer Elif graduated to the elite of a multi-national training team, being one of a handful qualified to train trainers at DHL. The skill to help others transform their training courses from chore to chorus still gives her great satisfaction fifteen years of experience on.


To complete her training repertoire Elif has specialised in course content development. From designing user manuals alongside software developers to writing soft skills packages from scratch, she uses an informed pedagological approach to produce her programs. The result is courses that are a pleasure to experience for trainer and trainee, while having measureable benefits for the employing organisation. Elif's previous employers include SAS, DHL, BUPA.


Countries Elif has worked in include UK, Belgium, Turkey, New Zealand, Australia.




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