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All of our services are designed to focus on getting you clear about what you want to achieve, creating commitment and motivation to these outcomes ensuring that you take action to making things happen. 


The benefits of all of the coaching services outlined is that you will achieve clarity about what you want and will be energized and excited about achieving your goals. You will get the support and undivided attention of a skilled and experienced business coach who will hold you accountable for creating the results that you want.



This is a bespoke service, completely tailored to your specific needs. This will be over a period of 4 – 6 months and will include face-to-face meetings, gathering and interpretation of 360 data, psychometric testing and feedback. We will work together to determine what you want to achieve and we will provide the tools, time and expertise for you to achieve your goals.


This is an integrated service where we work with a leadership team to focus on identifying their collective leadership challenge. We will then work with the team individually and collectively to establish how they can best work to achieve their goals.


This is usually over a 6 – 12 month period and is tailored to the team and organization’s needs.


This can be combined with consulting work to harness this work to achieve organizational goals – and in particular works well with our Wake up approach to employee engagement.


We can also provide team-building services and use psychometric tests and the Belbin team roles instrument to help teams to understand each other more fully in relation to communication and best use of people’s skills and personality.


This service is designed for people who are tackling a specific development issue or are preparing for a promotion or a transition. They want support to weigh up various alternatives and to work on what is needed to achieve a specific and identified goal. This will involve face to face and telephone meetings. We will use a type dynamics indicator and a variety of tools to accelerate their progress and capacity to move their careers forward.


Future proofing your career
We work with organizations to support people who have lost their jobs as well as advising the organization about the best way to manage the process so that those staying in their roles are able to work effectively through the transition.


For individuals leaving we are able to quickly focus people on their next steps. We help people to come to terms with the shock of the change and to equip them to generate choices, create networks and get a new role through a structured process of discovery and action.


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