How We Work


What is it like to work with Inside Change?


We will be very curious about you and your business. Curious about what makes you tick and what is bothering you and getting in the way of your business being more successful. We will want to support you to take action that changes things for the better.


We get to the heart of your problems and identify opportunities


We will help you to look at things from a range of perspectives. Working with us is straightforward – we will see things that you don’t and notice things that pass you by – we act as a mirror. And we tell you what we see – good and bad.



What kind of results can you expect to achieve with Inside Change? 


We will help you to Future-Proof™ your organization – from a people, process and profit point of view. We will develop your people and your organization in ways that create long-term sustainable change. Your people will be more capable after we leave and you will have simple and effective ways of working that enable people to take more responsibility for their work and to be accountable for their goals and results.


You will be able to capitalize on new business opportunities with confidence. Your people will be able to plan more effectively, your resources will be under control and your organization will develop core processes that work for your business – not for any old business


Information will flow more effectively in your organization. People will have better skills and be able to choose the right kind of communication for what they want to achieve. Customers will be dealt with more effectively and people will have more time to focus on satisfying more of their needs.


Capable people are more engaged, engaged people are more motivated. Motivated people are able to tackle more. They care about their colleagues and their clients and do more for both. You feel it when you are in an organization that focuses on employee engagement. Confident people are able to develop skills more easily and skilled managers develop people more quickly and more skillfully.


You will have people processes that are tailored for your organization. Often these get developed, the manual gets written and then everyone just gets on with life as before. You will have processes that people take on board because they have worked with us to create them. They will change and adapt these as your business grows because they understand how they contribute to your success.


Your strategy will be understood, discussed and made real in people’s day-to-day working life. Your strategy will be aligned to your work, baked into the everyday activities of all of your staff and connected to their goals. People will understand where they are headed and why they need to pay attention.


Your senior team will become more aligned, they will know their own and others’ strengths and weaknesses and will acquire skills and gain tools that will help them to work effectively together. They will learn coaching skills and how to develop their own teams to be more empowered, more effective and to take more responsibility for delivering the strategy.



These are the beliefs that guide us in working with our clients


Developing your staff is the best investment you will ever make. People are at the heart of every successful business and if you attract, retain and develop great staff you will have a profitable business because your customers will be served really well and as a result they will stay with you over time.


Great places to work create opportunities for everyone to grow. People learn and grow when they feel respected, rewarded and confident. People feel this way when they know what they need to do, have support to get things accomplished and enjoy their work.


People learn best when the development is relevant and can be applied quickly. The best learning that we ever get is from experience. When we get new skills the quicker we can apply these and discuss with others what is working the more likely our learning will stick and the more likely it will contribute to organizational success.


Providing great service is how you create great profits. Customers want to deal with people who understand their business, who can make decisions and whom will follow-up on any problems they have – they also like to be offered relevant new services by well-informed people who understand their business.


Customers and staff make the best consultants for your business. I believe that the majority of answers to current and future customer needs reside in the minds of your best customers and the people who deal with them – creating a culture where this information is accessible will lead directly to new business.


People are capable of extraordinary things. Every day vast amounts of human potential gets wasted because they are asked to do the wrong things. Creating the right conditions for people to fully understand and be able to contribute to your future plans by doing what needs to be done rather than what they have been told to do creates opportunities you won’t yet have imagined.


Everyone wants to make a difference in his or her own way. I see this all the time, people are programmed to figure things out, have ideas, and want to improve their situation. Making your company something your staff really care about is key to developing their potential, channeling this is the key to great management and inspired leadership.


Contribution is what makes life worth living. They say life is short – but it is certainly long enough to do your best, help each other and contribute to your own and other people’s learning and growth. Witnessing someone learning something new and being able to use this and pass it on to others is very satisfying work – and I have been privileged to be able to do this in my career.



Our Approach


We are tenacious and don’t let you off the hook until we get to the issues that need to be addressed. We don’t like doing work that your people can do themselves. If we are still trying to solve the same issue over and over again we need to talk.


We are wholehearted in our approach to you, your staff and your success – we want to develop the potential and skills of you and your people so that the work we do together continues to add significant value to your organization. 

We work as partners, we understand that you are usually bigger than we are but expect that you will respect our needs as much as we respect yours.


We work with your people in the here and now and enjoy the process of learning about your business from them and passing on our skills to them so that we both improve our capacity to be effective. We work with your plans in this business cycle – not some perfect place at some future point that may never happen.


We are hands-on and pragmatic. As a group we have a lot of experience and expertise. We are what is politely termed as ‘seasoned’ and this means that you get the benefit of our collective wisdom and practitioners view of what is likely to work. We have all had careers in organizations so our consulting advice is grounded in a real experience of being on your side of the fence.



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