Are you ready to Wake Up ©?

Is your organization ready to Wake Up © to its full potential?


Perhaps your priorities are not clearly expressed. Maybe people don’t understand the specific results you need from them in order to achieve the goals that have been set. It could be that your strategy is clear to you but not understood by others.


People may be willing to move with you but often they don’t have the skills needed to make the best contribution to your success and profits.


Are your people able to deliver the results you need?


You are sure that you can get more from your people but you don’t know yet know where to start?

Inside Change works best with organizations that know that they need to change and are prepared to take action.

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Is This You?

  • You are worried that the next phase of growth and development will leave you with less time, more headaches and the risk that you damage your business.
  • You would love to ‘future proof’ your organization.
  • You want to build in the capacity to improve and to become more effective at anticipating and planning for change.
  • We are able to support businesses to develop their people and to help you to create the right structure to help them to work more effectively.
  • You are sure that you can get more from your people but you don’t know yet know where to start?


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Channel 5

There was a change of leadership and Channel 5 had grown in size and complexity. As a result the "family" feel of the organisation had changed and communications happened in small units without an understanding of the whole picture.

We worked with the head of communications to help him to create an approach that encouraged ownership and worked in a way that was truly tailored to their needs (and did not develop into bureaucratic process). Managers and staff were invited to think about communications as an integral part of their jobs rather than solely a "corporate" responsibility. Using workshops, coaching and a visual dialogue process a communications strategy was created that provided frameworks and a set of guiding principles that matched the ambition of the organisation and the preference of the staff for simple and effective channels. We used visual dialogue to quite literally develop a "shared picture" with everyone having a chance to put themselves in the picture and to discuss what the whole picture meant from their own perspective.

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